Red wine and pear

The practice of red wine and pear


Red wineHalf bottle
Pear (Crystal Pear, Pear)2
crystal sugarModerate amount
honeyModerate amount

The practice of 'red wine and pear'

  1. Pears are washed and peeled, and a few patterns can be drawn with a knife according to the size of the pear.

    Red wine and honey pears Step 1
  2. In order to color and taste, you can also use the core remover to remove the pear core into a hollow shape.

    Red wine and honey pears Step 2
  3. Pour red wine into the pot. Add 4-5 pieces of rock sugar to the surface of the pear and slowly heat it over medium heat until the appearance of the pear is all purple. (If you don't like the strong taste of the wine, you can add water, plus half a bowl of water)

    Red wine and honey pears Step 3
  4. Turn into a small fire and keep it slightly boiled for about 10 minutes until the broth begins to become sticky and the pears become smashed. Pear the pears and heat the remaining red wine broth. The straight road becomes thick and thick like tartar sauce. In the pear body, you can also put it in the refrigerator and put it in the refrigerator for a while.


Tip: The practice is very simple, the key is to let the pear completely absorb the essence of the red wine, soaked into a wine red transparent. After cooking and simmering, put it in the refrigerator and soak it overnight. Slice it to eat the next day. The pear slices are transparent and purple, and the taste is sweet and sour and delicious with red wine. It is wonderful. Red pears are more crispy, sweeter and sweeter than raw pears, and have the effect of whitening and promoting blood circulation. Women who eat winter are not afraid of cold hands and feet, and they will not gain weight.