Authentic Northeast Pot Meat

The practice of authentic northeast pot meat


Pork tenderloin
Potato starch
soy sauce
Cooking wine

The practice of 'authentic northeast pot meat'

  1. The pork tenderloin is cut into large pieces with a thickness of about 0.2CM, and the meat is beaten with a knife back.

  2. Add the meat to a pinch of salt and cooking wine.

  3. Use potato starch to make a thick starch paste, and spread the meat in a starch paste (the method of preparing starch is shown below)

  4. Medium-fired schnitzel, fried and cooked

  5. The second time, the fire is fried, and the meat is fried. The time is not too long.

  6. Onions, ginger, coriander, carrot shredded, garlic slices, transferred into vinegar, sugar, soy sauce, salt, cooking wine into juice

  7. Leave the bottom oil in the pan, stir fry in the side dish, add the sliced ​​dish, pour the prepared broth, and stir fry quickly.


1. Beat the meat with the back of the knife to loosen the meat and taste tenderer. 2, starch must use potato starch. The meat from the potato starch is crispy. 3. If you ask: Why do you want to bomb twice? ? Can it not be fried for a while? The answer is this: the first time the fried food will be soaked in oil, that is, the oil will seep into the food, and the second time it will be fried, the infiltrated oil will work together to make the food more brittle. If you fry a little more time at a time, it will only fry and you can't make up for this problem. 4. How to adjust the starch of the fry pan? The modulation of starch is the key. Many people say that the fried meat is meat and cannot be starched. The starch of the fried meat is quite thick. Modulation method: a. Add dry potato starch to the bowl and add water that can be no more than starch. b. After the starch is completely dissolved in water, the water above the starch is poured off, leaving only the very thick starch below. c. As shown in the figure, press the hand on the starch to have a strong feeling. At this time, put the meat in the starch and stir well. You can see that the piece of meat on the illustration is well wrapped with a layer of starch paste. No one in the Northeast grew up with a pot of meat, which is almost the favorite dish for all children when they were young. When I was a child, I only had to come to the guests at home or during the Chinese New Year. Because it was meat and taste, it was not so sweet and sweet in the Northeastern cuisine. It was very popular among children and ladies, and it was also called a woman's dish. The pot of meat and the sweet potato are representative of the sweet mouth of the northeastern cuisine. The practice of pot meat in different parts of the three northeastern provinces is different, and it can be divided into two types: one is crisp and the other is soft. The Heilongjiang tube is called crispy, and it is called the meat. The pot of meat on the other side of Shenyang is made with tomato sauce, and the northeast tube is called cherry meat. I heard that the origin of the steamed pork is from Heilongjiang: At the beginning of Harbin Jianye, the riverside government in the late Qing Dynasty hosted the Western Consul. In order to suit the eating habits of Westerners, many brains were moved on the dishes. The meat segment was savory. Westerners like sweet and sour mouth, so they are improved into today's pot. Therefore, I still call my hometown of Heilongjiang's crispy sweet and sour pork in the pot.