Self-brewed wine

The practice of self-brewed wine


Purple grape18 kg
crystal sugar3 kg
Glass wine can20 kg capacity

The practice of 'self-brewed wine'

  1. Prepare a glass jar of 20 kg, preferably with a faucet underneath, wash the glass jar, control the dry water, not a little water, spare.

    The practice of brewing grape wine Step 1
  2. Use scissors to cut each of the grapes separately, pay attention to leave the pedicles, cut the grapes with water, control the water, do not have a little water, spare. It is best to choose deep purple, sweet grapes, the wine tastes good, the color is beautiful, the quality of the grapes directly determines the quality of the wine, of course, if the wine made with green grapes becomes white wine, I also do It’s too good to drink!

    The practice of brewing grape wine Step 2
  3. Weigh 3 pounds of rock sugar, pay attention to the large pieces of natural rock sugar, do not process the small rock sugar, and then knock into a little bit, you can also not knock.

    The practice of brewing grape wine Step 3
  4. Remove all the pedicles left on the grapes, grab a handful of them into the wine jar, crush them, and then pinch them. Note that each grain should be crushed, not missing, all crushed, slowly put All the sugar, squeeze the rock sugar into the juice by hand, then cover it, just wait for it to ferment! Fermentation room temperature is best stable at 20 degrees, it is more suitable, be careful not to fill up, be sure to leave a 10cm high space, otherwise the fermented gas will blow the lid open, causing the juice to overflow inside, and when it is serious, it will spray out. note!

    The practice of brewing grape wine Step 4
  5. Two days later, open the lid and flip the inside of the fruit into pieces. After another three days, flip it up and down again, and flip it every few days. About twenty days, the grape skin in the jar basically floated on top, grape seed The fine pulp of the fermented residue sinks to the bottom, and the transparent wine color can be seen in the middle. After about twenty-five days, the floating skin is removed, and the wine juice in the floating skin is squeezed with gauze to filter, and the extruded wine is poured. Return to the wine tank and let it settle. (The process map is deleted by mistake, and will be added when you do it again)

  6. After standing for three days, observe that the wine is transparent and free of impurities. Open the faucet below and use the container suitable for wine to pick up the wine. Be careful not to shake the wine can, so that the sediment will not float, resulting in impurities in the wine. Seal it up and drink it at any time! If you don't have a suitable container, you can temporarily release it in a clean large basin, wash the wine jar and dry it, then pour it back and seal it. When you drink it, you can release it from the bottom faucet.

    The practice of brewing grape wine Step 6
  7. ★★ The recipe is written in 14 years, because the process map is missing, this is done in 15 years, just to make up, the bottle on the right is the state of fermentation for 9 days, and the left is the state of the third day of fermentation.

    The practice of brewing grape wine Step 7
  8. ★★ The left side is made of white rose grapes, making white wine, now is the third day effect. The right side is still in the 9-day state in the above picture.

    The practice of brewing grape wine Step 8
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1. Don't fill it up, it's easy to burst! ! ! There used to be friends who didn't listen to advice, and the greed was full. As a result, the gas opened the lid when it was fermented, and it rushed to the ceiling like a fountain. Then the house was full of sprinkles, and it was awkward, so please be careful not to say that I did not Remind you!  _ _2. Don't just lose sugar, it will affect the fermentation!  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _3. Some people like to boil well-prepared wine and store it. I tried it, there is no difference in taste, and there is no difference in storage time. I have kept both of them for more than two years, and the taste is still the same, so I never cook.

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