Grape jam

The practice of grape jam


Purple grape
Clear water
White sugar

The practice of 'grape jam'

  1. Wash the grapes with some flour, and put them together in a juicer to break them_

  2. Put the squeezed grape juice into the flat stainless steel pot together with the broken flesh and add the appropriate amount of white sugar. If the juice is relatively small, add some water and boil it on high heat.

  3. After boiling, add a proper amount of maltose to a small fire and slowly knead it. Mix it in the middle to avoid the bottom_

  4. When the juice is thick, turn off the heat, cool it and put it into a sealed bottle. After cooling, put it in the refrigerator and refrigerate.


1. Because the grapes are sour, this time, the white sugar is added more, and the maltose is added. In addition to adding sweetness, it is also better to solidify the jam. 2. If the grapes you buy are very sweet, reduce the amount of sugar as appropriate, and add some lemon juice to adjust the sweetness. 3, grape skin and seeds are rich in grape polyphenols, is a good beauty anti-aging ingredients, but the seed jam is not good, so it is recommended that you at least do not discard the grape skin.

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