Raisin toast pudding

The practice of raisin toast pudding


ToastThree pieces
raisina small
Light cream100ml

The practice of 'raisin toast pudding'

  1. Thick toast slice diced

  2. Egg, whipped cream, milk, sugar mixed into egg milk

  3. Toast is immersed in egg milk and stirred for a few times. To make each piece of toasted lick the egg milk, don't take too long, or the toast will be soft.

  4. Baked in a bowl of butter

  5. Toasted with a layer of good egg milk

  6. Put another layer of raisins

  7. Spread a layer of toast

  8. Sprinkle a few raisins on the top

  9. Pour the remaining egg milk into the bowl for about two-thirds of the height of the bowl. Don't miss the toast.

  10. The baking bowl is placed in a deep-baked dish, water is added to the baking tray, and the water is half to the baking bowl.

  11. 160 degrees, baked for 30 to 40 minutes


1, must be baked with water, the pudding will not be old. 2, the height of the egg milk is best not to have not toasted, about two-thirds just right. 3. Students with mozzarella cheese can sprinkle a little on the surface and the taste is even more wonderful. 4, if you have time, you can first soften the raisins with rum, better.
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