Grape toast

The practice of grape toast


High powder250 grams
Fine granulated sugar30 grams
egg40 grams
Fresh milk125 grams
yeast1/2+1/4 spoon
Fine salt1/2 tsp
butter20 grams
Raisins (soaked with milk)30 grams

The practice of 'grape toast'

  1. In addition to the butter, the ingredients outside the raisins are stirred for 20 minutes, then the butter is stirred for another 20 minutes, and the thin hand film is pulled out.

  2. Add the raisin soaked in milk and stir until the raisins are evenly mixed with the dough.

  3. Put the bread machine to ferment for about an hour, no poke by hand, no retraction, one fermentation is completed

  4. Remove the dough and squeeze it until the bubbles are completely drained. Divide into three doughs and cover with plastic wrap for 20 minutes.

  5. After the proofing is completed, fold it into an oval shape with a kneading stick. The length is roughly the same as the toast box. Three dough rolls are placed together.

  6. Put the toast box into the oven for fermentation, put a bowl of boiling water, about an hour and ten minutes, to nine minutes full, stamped. If you do a mountain shape, you can fill it with eight points.

  7. Fire up and down, put down the layer, 180 degrees, 40 minutes, if it is mountain-shaped, add tin foil after ten minutes to prevent the color from being too dark

  8. After roasting, remove the toast box, pour out the toast, let it cool and slice it, put it in the bread bag, and it is very soft the next day.

    Grape Toast Practice Step 8


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