Matcha Grape Shortbread

The practice of matcha grape shortbread


Low-gluten flour220g
Whole egg1
raisinModerate amount
Fine granulated sugar40g
Matcha powder15g
milkSmall amount

The practice of 'matcha grape shortbread'

  1. After the butter has softened, add the fine sugar and beat it with an egg beater until the volume is bulky and the color is slightly lighter_

  2. Add the mixed whole egg liquid in three portions, and wait for the egg liquid and the butter to be completely mixed before adding it_

  3. Add milk and send it. I sent too much water and oil to separate, added a spoonful of low-gluten flour and remedy it back_

  4. Add the sieved low-gluten flour and matcha powder and mix evenly with a squeegee_

  5. Add raisins and coconut and mix well into a dough. Do not stir too much to create gluten_

  6. Put a layer of plastic wrap on the cutting board. I put a fresh bag directly to prevent the dough from sticking to the board.

  7. Use a rolling pin to cut into a 1cm piece and cut into small squares. I didn't have a serious look, so the finished product is not very good looking.

  8. Spread the oil on the baking tray, place the top piece, and place in the preheated oven. The middle layer of 180° can be 15~20 minutes.


1. The dough I made is relatively wet and easy to stick. Therefore, it is very practical to put a fresh-keeping bag on the cutting board. 2. It is best to use rum in advance to make a full-bodied taste. 3. Determine whether the biscuit is roasted. It is good to use a toothpick to poke it. If there is no soft feeling, it will be almost the same. 4. The biscuit baked in this way is crispy and delicious, and the sweetness and the fragrance are just right.