Grape jam

The practice of grape jam


Salt, flour
White vinegar (lemon)
White sugar

The practice of 'grape jam'

  1. The first step is to wash the brush. Wash the grapes once with water, drain the water, add water, add flour, salt, and then wash. Finally, soak for 2 minutes, drain the water, and the grapes of the water are born.

    Grape Jam Practice Step 1
  2. The second step is the separation of flesh and blood. The seeds in the flesh can be removed or not removed. There is a lot of water in the grapes, and a small cup is poured.

    Grape Jam Practice Step 2
  3. The third step is to boil the skin. Pour the water into the pot, not too much, depending on how many grapes you have. Put the grape skin in, boil, cook, oh oh. Until the water turns purple. You can fish out the grape skin.

    Grape Jam Practice Step 3
  4. The fourth step is to play the flesh. Pour the flesh into the boiled grape skin water. The flesh is "hot spring", so the effect is not bad.

    Grape Jam Practice Step 4
  5. The fifth step is to cook the meat. Open the medium fire, put white sugar in the pot, white vinegar is just fine, or use lemon, not much. Use a spoon to crush the pulp and reduce the time. After boiling, use a small fire, simmer, cook and cook. Cook until it is close to the sticky, remember not to simmer.

    Grape Jam Practice Step 5
  6. The sixth step is the perfect ending. The cooking time depends on how many grapes you have. Mix more. that's it. Out of the pot ~~~ Where is the bread? .

    Grape Jam Practice Step 6


Remember to take a photo and record every growth.

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