Grape tower

The practice of grape tower


Unsalted butter75g
Fine granulated sugar38g
Whole egg liquid25g
Low-gluten flour112g
Almond powder15g
salta little
Tower filling
Pure milk115g
Fine sugar A32g
corn starch10g
Sunshine rose grapea string
Light cream110g
Fine sugar B10g

The practice of 'grape tower'

  1. First make the tower stuffing, put the egg yolk and fine sugar into the mixing bowl and mix well.

    Grape Tower Practice Step 1
  2. Add cornstarch and mix well.

    Grape Tower Practice Step 2
  3. Add milk heated to body temperature and mix well.

    Grape Tower Practice Step 3
  4. After sifting the liquid from the previous step, pour it into a small pot, heat it on low heat, and stir until it is thick.

    Grape Tower Practice Step 4
  5. After the cooked Caska filling is sealed with plastic wrap, it is quickly cooled down and put into refrigerating. I use the ice tray to cool down quickly. Friends without ice tray can try to cool the ice in a small bowl.

    Grape Tower Practice Step 5
  6. Now make the tart, the butter is softened and evenly mixed with the fine sugar A.

    Grape Tower Practice Step 6
  7. Add the room temperature egg yolk and salt and mix well.

    Grape Tower Practice Step 7
  8. After the powder material is added by sieving, mix well.

    Grape Tower Practice Step 8
  9. The dough was taken out on a plastic wrap, pressed into a rectangular dough, and placed in a refrigerator for 1 hour.

    Grape Tower Practice Step 9
  10. Remove the refrigerated dough into a thickness of 3 mm, place the dough into the mold, and poke the hole at the bottom with a fork.

    Grape Tower Practice Step 10
  11. Put in preheated to 190 ° oven and bake for 15 minutes.

    Grape Tower Practice Step 11
  12. In the time of cooling the baked tart, the tower stuffing is followed, and the whipped cream and fine sugar B hit the lines.

    Grape Tower Practice Step 12
  13. Remove the frozen custard stuffing, add whipped cream and continue to stir until evenly.

    Grape Tower Practice Step 13
  14. The tower stuffing is filled into the tart that has been cooled.

    Grape Tower Practice Step 14
  15. Sunshine rose, wash and dry the water, then cut it, put it on the tower stuffing.

    Grape Tower Practice Step 15


Sunshine Rose is a grape variety, the shape and taste are close to the super expensive green grapes I have eaten in Japan, but the price is only about one-third of that, it is very suitable for dessert.

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