Danish grape rolls

The practice of danish grape rolls


Danish bread doughOne
raisinModerate amount
Egg liquidModerate amount

The practice of 'danish grape rolls'

  1. After making the Danish bread dough (https://www.xiachufang.com/recipe/21572/), knead the dough into a sheet of about 0.4 cm thick and cut it into a rectangular shape.

    Danish grape rolls practice Step 1
  2. The raisins are soaked in rum or brandy for more than half an hour, and a layer of whole egg liquid is applied to the rectangular dough, and then the raisins dried with water are sprinkled.

    Danish grape rolls practice Step 2
  3. Roll up the rectangular dough

    Danish grape rolls practice Step 3
  4. Cut the rolled dough into small pieces with a thickness of about 1 cm.

    Danish grape roll practice Step 4
  5. The cut small piece is placed on the baking sheet with the cut surface facing up, and the final fermentation is carried out at a temperature of 35 ° C and a humidity of 85%, and the fermentation is about 2 times larger (about 40 minutes - 1 hour).

    Danish grape rolls practice Step 5
  6. Fermented dough, brush a layer of whole egg liquid on the surface, put it into the oven preheated to 200 degrees, bake for about 10 minutes, the surface is golden yellow.

    Danish grape rolls practice Step 6


1. This mini bread, the mini version I made, if you like a big one, cut the rectangular dough piece longer, and roll it a few times to be OK, very simple. 2, because this Danish dough has a low fat content, when the bread is baked, no grease will leak out. If the grease leaks out during baking, it means that the Danish bread dough is not made correctly, the butter is unevenly layered or the layering is thick, and the Danish bread dough needs to be remade.

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