Raisin toast

The practice of raisin toast


High-gluten flour560 grams
milk260 grams
yeast8 grams
sugar80 grams
salt8 grams

The practice of 'raisin toast'

  1. Milk, eggs, yeast, high-powder, salt, and sugar are placed in a mixing tank in sequence, and the film is released at a low speed.

  2. Add back to the room temperature butter and hit the full stage of pulling out the large piece of firm film.

  3. The exhaust gas is divided into 6 parts, loose for 15 minutes, and the second roll is rolled. Raisins are spread on the surface at the last roll

  4. Into the mold, the second hair 8-9 points full, the surface brushed water or milk. The oven is preheated to 210 degrees, the lower layer, about 50 minutes

  5. When it is baked for about 15 minutes, it is enough to cover the tin foil. Stripped immediately after baking