Homemade cherry sauce

The practice of homemade cherry sauce


Pure cherry meat400 grams
White sugar80 grams
Maltose80 grams
waterAbout 80 grams

The practice of 'homemade cherry sauce'

  1. Add 30 grams of white sugar to the pure cherry meat, mix well, and cover and marinate for 1 hour in the refrigerator (the purpose is to pickle the pectin from the pulp)

  2. Remove the marinated cherries from the refrigerator and pour them into an acid-proof pot (enamel pot, casserole, stainless steel pot), add water, squeeze in a lemon juice, boil over medium heat, and add to a small fire. Slowly boil, use a wooden spoon or stainless steel spoon to stir while cooking. Add the other 50 grams of white sugar to the sauce and continue to simmer until the sauce is sticky.

  3. The container for storing jam is best in glass bottles. The container should be boiled in hot water in advance and thoroughly dried. Slightly cool the jam, do not lower than 80 degrees, fill the bottle, seal the lid, refrigerator