Lollipop Cake (Salad Oil Edition)

The practice of lollipop cake (salad oil edition)


Low-gluten flour170g
Fine granulated sugar110g
Corn salad oil40~45g
Baking powder2~3g
Lemon juice (or vanilla extract)a little

The practice of [lollipop cake (salad oil edition)]

  1. Eggs are broken into large pots and the sugar is poured in one go. Put the eggbeater in hot water and use an electric egg beater. With constant whipping, the egg liquid will become thicker and thicker. About 10 minutes, the egg will be sent to the eggbeater, and it will not disappear immediately when dripping.

  2. Dripping in lemon juice and vanilla extract. Add the low-powder and baking powder that has been sifted in advance in three or four times, and mix it evenly with the squeegee from the bottom. Do not defoam.

  3. Pour the salad oil into the stirred cake paste, and mix well without defoaming, as few times as possible!

  4. Pour the cake paste into the squid bag for easy squeezing. Squeeze the cake into the mold and pour it a little higher. Then cover the upper mold and feed it into a preheated oven at 180 degrees. The middle layer is fired and baked for 15 minutes.

  5. Just baked the cake, you can wait for a little cooling to remove the film is a small ball cake.

    The practice of lollipop cake (salad oil version) Step 5
  6. When the chocolate is melted while cooling, I melt the water, the chocolate should not be exposed to water and oil, and the temperature should not be too high.

  7. Use a paper stick to lick a little chocolate and slowly insert the cake. Allow for a while to prevent the cake from shaking on the paper stick.

  8. The cake is immersed in the chocolate and does not need to be completely immersed. Rotate slowly, let the chocolate evenly wrap the cake, and slowly drip the excess. It is best to wrap it in one go, otherwise the chocolate will be too thick.

    The practice of lollipop cake (salad oil version) Step 8
  9. If sprinkling with sugar beads, be sure to sprinkle when the chocolate is not dry_ if the frosting is painted, wait for the chocolate to dry. The drying time is also a few minutes.

    The practice of lollipop cake (salad oil version) Step 9

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